No sound after Toddler


I just installed OpenSuse 11.1 kde. Everything (including sound) was working perfectly. My 7 yr old was playing Frozen Bubble and my toddler came up and punched various keys on the keyboard and somehow disabled sound. I’ve tried the mixer settings they all seem fine. When I logout I hear the logout sounds, but nothing when I login nor when I play Frozen Bubble. Here is a link for info on my sound system…

Thanks for any help.

OK, a couple of thoughts … I see you are using a Dell. Some Dell laptops have a hardware mute switch that function under Linux (for example my Dell Studio 15 has such a switch). Are you certain that is not set to mute?

Second, it could be this is not your toddler, but rather it is a software update that you inadvertently installed? I note your kernel is . That is a special test kernel that is a revision above the nominal kernel that comes with openSUSE-11.1 RC1. Its possible you installed that and your sound is thus no longer working.

If that is the case, your choice may be to revert back to the kernel. You could try updating your alsa to the latest git versions (in the URL noted below) but I have no confidence that will work: Alsa-update for openSUSE-11.1 - openSUSE

Thanks for your thoughts. It is a Dell, but it is a desktop. The sound was working right at the time my 7 yr old was playing and then stopped when my toddler got a hold of the keyboard. In a worst case scenario, I’ll just reinstall it and will definitely keep my toddler away from the keyboard again.

I bit the bullet and reinstalled OpenSuse…everything works again.

I know this is an old thread, but the same thing happened with my toddler. Anyway, (for others with tiny IT assistants), the music and sound effects can be toggled by the F11 and F12 keys as explained here:

Frozen Bubble - the official home