No Sound After Removing Amarok

Today I decided to reinstall OpenSUSE 11 AMD-64. This time I deselected Amarok from the install as I never use it. I no longer have any sound in OpenSUSE.

Yast Detects the card fine but I get the following error in kcontrol:

Unable to start the sound server to retrieve possible sound I/O methods.

Only automatic detection will be available.

However the autodetection does nothing and no sound is on the system, so I guess that when I unchecked Amarok before installing (DVD Version) it must have removed another package.

What do I need to reinstall to get sound back, I don’t need to have the whole of Amarok do I?

Update: I still have sound in other applications such as Flash. So I’m guessing this only affects KDE Apps, however I have no mixer either to turn the volume up.

Update 2: I have installed kmixer and I can change volumes again. Just No KDE Sounds.

check alsa is installed,if not try installing it


Yes ALSA is installed and working.

If alsa is installed & working,you should have sound Yes ? try running through the audio troubleshooting how-to if not SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE


Yes I do have sound, I just don’t have KDE sounds.

Aaaah ! no sound in Kde modules, now that’s a different kettle of fish. make sure kdemultimedia & it’s associated bits are installed. That should sort that