No sound after playing music for some time

The following problems happen quite often.
When I started to play songs, I have the normal sound. However, after some time, the songs are still being played but there is no sound anymore. It is not for music player so I don’t think it is a player problem. In addition, after I delete and reinstall the audio card, the sound comes back.
I have another problem about sound card disturbing me. When I watch youtube using firefox, there is no audio from the video. However, I do have the audio when the chrome is used. What could cause that? I kind of believe those two problems are related.
The problem happens after I upgrade my 10.3 to 11.2 and now I am using 11.3.
Does that come from the new configuration conflicts with the old one? I am just guessing and have no idea why this is happening.
Thank you very much!

It is possible that you opened more than one multimedia application, and one of the applications you opened was badly behaved and refused to share the PC’s sound device, and also refused to share the device after the application finished.

You can check the open files to your audio device to see what application is using the audio device at any time. The command to do that is this:

 lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*

If one runs the above line at different times, when one’s sound is working and not working, one can learn better as to what the output means, and be better able to " point one’s finger " at the offending application that has seized the audio device.

Don’t simply post the output of that command having run it once, as that is not helpful. One needs to run it at different times/conditions (with different multimedia applications running) to understand what it means.

Thanks a lot!
I’ll try the command when audio is working or not working many times to understand
what is going on.

Hello csLittleye,

have you heard systemsounds before sound doesn’t work? If yes, than it is possible, that your Soundcard can just one Sound play at the same time. Then you have to set up a .asoundrc for setting up a mixer.

Hi Sascha,

I don’t think I hear any systemsounds before that. This situation normally happens when one song is finished and next song just begins or play after pause.
In addition, this situation had never happened when I used 10.3.
My sound card information is shown in the graph below, built in motherboard.
Thank you very much!

Hi Sascha,

I have no idea how to set up a .asoundrc file for a mixer and I don’t know wheter I need one.
Do you have any quick set up for this file?