No snapshots at boot in MicroOS

So, at boot, there should be a list of snapshots to choose from just in case something goes wrong, but instead, I have an error:

error grub-core/video/bitmap_scale.c:41:null src bitmap in grub_video_bitnap_create_scaled

I’ve confirmed that several snapshots do exist with snapper list, but I cannot select them at boot.

Is there a fix for this or anything I could try to restore the options? It seems like the error is related to the boot theme…?

Even if the screenshots are no longer available maybe the combination of the first and last post may help you or give you a hint:

I don’t know what you mean. There is no way to see and select snapshots.

Using BTRFS or EXT4 or something else???

If BTRFS is snapper installed and working???

Only BTRFS supports snapshots

As I wrote already, I confirmed that snapshots exist.

Sorry but your description is not really helpfull. Does it mean that you don’t even reach the Grub2 screen and directly get the message from your first post after start of your PC?

For such rare errors it is important to make a precise description, so that qualified helpers may pick up your question and give you help…(as atm there are not that much ppl who use MicroOS…)