No snapper configurations

Fresh new install of Leap 15.4 with LXQT

Wanted to set a Snapshot of the fresh installation.

got the following error:

No snapper configurations exist. You have to create one or moreconfigurations to use yast2-snapper. The snapper command line
tool can be used to create configurations.


Querying snapper snapshots failed:
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed; caused by 3 sender=:1.308 -> dest=:1.311 serial=10 reply_serial=9 path=; interface=; member= error_name=error.unknown_config

I am new to snapper. It was active after the last update over a year ago. I am not sure how to set up what is needed. Read through the man pages, but not having any success.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you using btrfs as your root filesystem?

yes, btrfs

Do you have anything in /etc/snapper/configs?

Have a look at:


Something that I overlooked before

So - is it fresh new install or is it update of something installed more than a year ago?

How big is root??? if too small snapper may get turned off. 40+ gig is recommended but snapper gets turned off if less then 20 I believe. and the low number may have changed between versions.

That may be it. This partition is only 27 gig. Funny how that used to be plenty.

Answering above, yes it is clean and new. Reformatted when installing.
The Home is from the previous install to retain preferences and stuff.

etc/snapper/configs is empty

Every time I do a new install snapper gets configured by default. Presumably you tinkered with the defaults without considering the ramifications of your actions. Refrain from tinkering and read the fine documentation first: System recovery and snapshot management with Snapper | Reference | openSUSE Leap 15.5 Try what they suggest. Come back if unsure how to proceed.