no smeegol for me :-(

i just installed smeegol but i can not login with it. it returns to the login screen imediately.
the fun fact is i have a almost fresh installation of 11.3
the only thing i changed is the kernel to the most recent version. and of course all the updates

As in just the Smeegol desktop on an existing install? What harware are
you running intel atom cpu?

Do you have a USB device (4GB) try running the 1.05 version via USB?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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no i have a core2duo 1,6
is that a problem?
sorry no usb stick.

Hello soliton,

Are you running KDE, I’ve read a thread about ksmolt, smolt and smoltgui causing this issue.
Try uninstalling these and try it again.

Good luck!:wink:

i will try and let u know thx

it worked, now i can use smeegol :slight_smile:
maybe it would be a good idea to enter this dependecy in the rpm packages
is there a official bug report site? like a bugzilla?

Hello soliton,

You can find a link in this post: openSUSE News

But one thing you should know about is that it might not be a bug.
If you download a smeegol iso then it probably works out of the box.
And adding smeegol to a existing openSUSE installation might fail on this point.

Nevertheless you can always try it.
Maybe they will cause a dependency issue when you have ksmolt, smolt and smoltgui installed while installing smeegol?

Best of luck!:wink: