No shutdown from KDE GUI


TW KDE installed some weeks ago and up-to-date. If I try to use the shutdown in GUI the screen turns black, the Bleachbit windows however remains visible. Afterwards nothig changes and the machine sits there. I had a look in dmsg and journalctl, but there is nothing strange, no process waiting for a time-out or something.

If I switch to CTRL+ALT+F2, login in and do “shutdown -h now” it closes down within 5 sec.

Any idea where to start looking? :slight_smile:

Does “logout” work?

And if that works, try to shutdown from the login screen.

I know that isn’t what you asked. But it is a step toward tracking it down.

Yepp, that works just fine!

Then I suspect that the problem is in user settings. Try creating a new user, and see if that new user can shutdown from within KDE.

will try soon, but which user settings could prevent shutdown? any chance to find that?

I don’t actually know.

When you shutdown from within KDE, you are trying to shutdown as an ordinary user. When you shutdown from the login screen, you are trying to shutdown as a privileged user.

I occasionally see this with Icewm. After an update, shutdown within an “Icewm” desktop session doesn’t do anything, and I have to logout and shutdown from the login screen. Presumably the update that I have just done has affected how “Icewm” shuts the system down. But it is usually fine again after reboot.

Any way to reset all privileges to “default”? There is something special about this TW as I can access the DVB-S2 receiver via VNC (which worked fine in the past), most likely due to strict user privileges for accessing hardware from remote…

Sorry, major typo: read below

Update: Shutdown from GUI for new user crashed KDE on first try, after that same as for old user, i.e. system hangs with black screen (and bleachbit wind, if it was open on shutdown).

Interesting. However, I do not have any great insight into what is going on there.

I did a

sudo rpm -V -a --nolinkto --nosize --nouser --nogroup --nomtime --nomode --nordev

to check file integrity of TW. It found various wrong file attributes (I chmod’ed the respective files/directories, rebooted, no change…).

Wating for a new (Radeon) graphics card, maybe will do a fresh install then…

OK, last idea was to go to Yast -> Package Manager and say “Install all pacakges unconditionally”. That did the trick!

Now I can shutdown (from both users, old and fresh)…