No shutdown from GNOME desktop with KDM

After installing KDE4.1, and replacing GDM with KDM on my GNOME openSUSE 11.1 laptop, I can’t shutdown/reboot the computer from GNOME’s desktop. I must log out to KDM, then choose ‘shutdown’ from there.

How do I restore poweroff capability to GNOME’s desktop without ditching KDM?

Perhaps there’s a direct Gnome/KDM shutdown command that I can just add to the menu or panel as a shortcut. As it is, logging out of Gnome and shutting down from KDM takes too long and too many keypresses–2 presses, pause to wait for KDM to show up, 2 more presses! Too cumbersome.

Gnome has no awareness of KDM, so there’s no ability to cleanly shut down from within the user session.

You may want to try GDM; my understanding (at least a while back) was that the KDE team was trying to add compatibility to permit shutdown/suspend with GDM, so you may get better compatibility if you use both environments.

Take that with a grain of salt though, I don’t use GDM so can’t confirm if it works that way now.


You can always resort to ‘running shutdown -h now’ in a terminal as root.

Thanks, that does work. Even better if I don’t need to be root or enter root’s password; this looks like a job for /etc/sudoers.

On a slightly related note, How do I get KDM to shutdown without waiting for confirmation to close running virtual terminals?