No shadowing in Firefox dropdown menus in KDE

Hey guys.

So, i’m using KDE with opensuse 13.2. What really bugs me is that there’s no shadowing under the dropdown menus in firefox. It comes of as a graphical glitch, and it’s really annoying, as if you’d put a piece of paper on your screen. How can these rendering problems occur?

I especially mean the list of previously visited sites if you start typing in the address-bar. Is there any way this can be fixed?

Kind regards,

Although I can’t suggest a solution immediately (although changing themes might be tried?),
IMO you might try to adjust to “no shadows” in general.

It’s the direction all OS have gone since its introduction on the iPhone iOS possibly because on a small mobile screen(early resolutions were also very poor, especially on an LCD screen) the object looks more clear. Since then, possibly in an effort to apply the same look and feel with possible code portability benefits, this design philosophy of “flat, 2D objects” has been applied on all platforms.

In other words, complain all you want but this will be the default look for the forseeable future although alternative themes may be supported as long as there is a demand.