No security subforum?!

I just was about to ask some stuff about Apparmor when I discovered, there is no security subforum.
Security is one of the main concerns these days, I´m a bit surprised there is no such sub forum here…
What do you think?

It’s been suggested (several times) previously, but the argument against it was summarised by a moderator already

This is discussed earlier. The conclusion was that securrity is everywhere, not only when somebody thinks that “this is about security”. Then we would have to make subforums for applications, networking, … wthin the security forum to allow the experts on the several subjects to filter threads on their own expertise.

Thanks for answering.
Doesn´t make a finer grained forum reading and finding information easier?
Looking at how the yellow pages are made may give a good hint how to easily find information :wink:

best regards

Good security practices permeates the OS at many levels. If you have a security-related question concerning an application, best to post in the Applications forum.

BTW, here’s some good documentation for openSUSE on the subject:

and for AppArmor in particular…

Even now many members are posting questions/problems in the wrong (sub)forums or start a thread saying they are unsure if they are in the correct place. I guess that excepts you. But a finer grained forum will only multiply the work of the moderators to move threads.

Thus, in a perfect world, you may be correct. But alas.