No screen without monitor plugged in (VNC, TeamViewer)

Thanks for the reply, Wolfi.

I don’t recall everything now, but I ended up getting X11VNC working fine. Just loaded it up and there were absolutely no issues logging in from a client, whereas no matter what I tried, Krfb just did not work.

For me, the problem is solved - using x11vnc. I’ve got the functionality I need and wanted.

Great! :slight_smile:

For x11vnc, the displaymanager should not matter either, as it also just shares the running session via VNC.

No idea why krfb didn’t work for you, I don’t know what it exactly does internally.
At least it did work fine here when I last tried…

In general, there are problems (with OpenGL) if one of the systems involved uses a proprietary driver (nvidia in particular, which doesn’t support indirect rendering at all any more AFAIK).
x11vnc doesn’t seem to be affected by this, but maybe krfb is.