No right click > Open with Wine

I’m fairly new to Linux, and I’m dual-booting to SUSE 11.0 using KDE4. My current issue (now that I’ve hammered out some display and sound issues) is that I can’t get Wine to work. I’ve read that it’s supposed to be part of the default installation, and just to be safe I went into YaST and reinstalled it, and as of now I can get Wine-Doors to run but I don’t have a Open With Wine option when I right-click on an .exe file. I have also had no luck running it from terminal, just a long string of Fail that I could paste if needed. I would prefer not to have to completely reinstall, for instance, World of Warcraft (yay patching!) when I’ve got a fully functional installation on my Windows partition, so any suggestions would be welcome!

for me, all i have to do in oS 11.1/kde 4.1 is click an exe and it launches with wine. you should be able to run it from command line too:

wine /path/to/executable

Yes. Mine does not work when I do that.

I am not at home so cant give you exact how to but here goes…

right click on the exe the will be some thing called open with custom application or some thing(find it your self) when you click on that you will get a box type in wine on the top box and click ok… It will do…

Sorry i don remember exaact option but with little effor you will find it out;)

Ah, I found it. Part of the problem seems to be with WoW specifically, because once I found the option to manually enter which app to open it with I got other things to work. WoW was the only one I tried to open from the terminal. I’ll have to document the exact error I’m getting when I try to launch WoW from the terminal and treat that as a whole 'nother problem. Thanks!

Are you trying to run a program through Wine that was installed by Windows to a Windows partition?

overall you are supposed to install stuff through wine, because it needs to handle all the necessary registry and dll calls for the program.

There may be a way to make a program from Windows work under wine but I thought I read somewhere that it wasn’t recommended