No response to Ctrl-Alt-Esc

Was using 10.3. Did a fresh install of 11.2. Using KDE.

In 10.3 when an application misbehaved and froze I could press Ctrl-Alt-Esc and then click on the app to force it closed. This feature is not working in my installation of 11.2.

Ctrl-Alt-Backspace would crash the desktop allowing me to log in again. This doesn’t work for me any more either.

Is there a something I missed? Is it a KDE thing or is it somewhere else?

Yeah, they changed it to ctrl-esc!

That should bring up the “Task Manager” thingo.

I think they wanted to be more “Windows-like” ;).

As for Ctrl-Alt-BS, you have to hit it twice in quick succession if you really mean it. This was changed by Xorg to prevent accidental killing of the X server. But as with so many things, it’s configurable behaviour in the X config file.

WOW! Look at all those choices! I’ll bet I can really cause havoc on my system :slight_smile:

I kinda liked the skull and crossbones in 10.3. Then again, this system has much more flexability. I just have to get used to it.


The “Skull” should work under KDE 4, C+A+Esc should still bring up the kill button - it does for me like it should.

What Chrysantine said,
ctrl+alt+esc > Skull & Bones
ctrl+esc > System monitor

and what ken_yap said,
openSUSE 11.x needs ctrl+alt+backspace pressed twice rapidly in succession instead of once to prevent accidental activation.

All worked/works for me under openSUSE 11.0 / openSUSE 11.1 / openSUSE 11.2 (with KDE)