no recording in cd-quality with arecord

I’am using OpenSuse 11.0 with KDE (not yet version4), soundcard Terratec DMX6Fire 24/96.
Originally i would like to record sounddata from LineIn with audacity. Unfortunately nothing did work. Reading the threads in the forum, i found the tip to go back to the basics, recording and playing with arecord and aplay.
With Envy24control I can manage and mix, I can hear from the usual inputs (Line, mic), I can play mp3’s too, no problem and the work with the patchbay is ok.
As user I’m member of the group audio.
Recording in terminal as user works only with “arecord -d <time> fil.wav” in Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 8000 Hz, Mono. I can play the recorded wav-file with aplay.
Using other parameters does not work, for example
“arecord d 5 -f cd test2.wav”. Program terminates after 5 s without obvious failure, a file with indicated name is created, but with no content.
I think, there is a problem with some basic configuration, but I’am not able to find out. Perhaps I can get a help for going on, that would be fine, because finally, I want to do audio recording with jack sound server, the proposed rt-kerenl and ardour.
Thanks in advance for help