no /rare update notifications after switching to tumbleweed

I’ve swithced to tumble week ago and I’m getting and I updates notification stop to pop up on my control panel, but when I update via zypper update thehre are plenty of updates, how can it come? did some config files in /etc/sysconfig changed?

What do you mean by “/rare” in the thread title? I don’t seem to have one.

Which desktop update notifier were you using (KDE or Gnome)? On KDE it’s called Apper, and shouldn’t have stopped appearing, but do not use it to install updates. Did you check the configuration in KDE System Settings > Apper Software Management? Click on the the little settings icon at right side of the toolbar.

You wrote “zypper update”, why? You should be using the dist-upgrade command “zypper dup”.

I took that to be “no” or “rare” with “/” used for “or”.

In addition to what you said, I’ll add that there’s a possibility that you don’t have the repos set for automatic refresh. The OP might want to check that for the tumbleweed, packman-tumbleweed, current and current-update repos.