No RAR path???

I just tried to open a rar file using ark and i recieved this error message.

“Pre-released Updates (hardy-proposed)”. The testing area for updates. This repository is recommended only to those interested in helping to test updates and provide feedback.

suse 11.1 x64
kde 3.5.10

If you have rar and unrar installed - it’s just right click extract or compress

I don’t understand… I have never had to do this before with suse.

Is this a new thing for suse 11.1?

ps. How do I install the rar and unrar?

Go to yast software and search for rar


Thanks for the reply I will have to try that out!

ps. I dont know how but my quote is wrong… it is from a kubuntu forum that I was posting in at the same time. :shame:

Seems to be working! Thanks for all the help;)

ps. I guess openSUSE use to install the rar package by default and now does not for reasons I can not imagine.

It’s not open source so it doesn’t fit in with the rest of openSUSE, that’s probably why.
Although I’m not sure under which license the unpack part falls, the compressing part is at least proprietary