No program guide in Kaffeine

I am just starting with Opensuse , been on Ubuntu for a few years .
I am also new to KDE , so I am getting Kaffeine to work with my HVR 1600 . I had to add the firmware to /lib/firmware ,
then install the xine and ffmpeg files . Now tv scans channels and plays . Actually it plays great . I had skipping problems in Ubuntu with Me-tv , not so with Kaffeine .

My only problem now is that the Program Guide does not populate . Any help would be appreciated .

You could try Kaffeine Forum :: Index

hello,linux world,

could someone help me How to make kaffeine ,or dragon or does not matter to work.I think I have some missing codecs.I try to find when I opened the media file ,but not succes.
I install vlc ,also this don’t work .kaffeine I like ,so I would like to work with it.

I know I have to do manny things to make to work one player/kaffeine,for example .That is way could you please give me some help ,in this case I dont lose so much time ,alone ;and maybe without succes.(till now this is are the facts).I am using openSuSE 11.2 .thank e you in advance to everyone.


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