No Power-off at shutdown

This PC works in every other respect, for which I am grateful but this machine will not power off at shutdown. This PC is an AMD rig with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 mainboard and an Athlon II X4 CPU with AMD 760G chipset. The install required that ACPI=off to load at all and now the CPU throttle is stuck at full tilt all of the time to run without being slower than I remember on Leap 42.1. None of the kernel options or combinations seem to have much effect. I have a running system but I have to kill the power with the switch to turn it off. I followed advice for a similar problem with earlier iterations of this OS without issue until now.

How should I start identifying the problem here? dmesg is so full of different descriptions I don’t know where to start.

CPU throttle is stuck at full tilt

??? whats that mean??

My best guess is to check by running top to see if a process is using all/most resources

Did you try to boot without that option already?
ACPI is required for automatic power-off.

I was able to get the machine to work as required by using the** mce=off** parameter as well and not using acpi=off. The machine already was using nomodeset for the Nvidia display adapter. It still starts up with errors because the floppy interface is impossible to disable in the BIOS but otherwise all things are back to working as expected.

Thanks for the help. The memory errors are apparently mine and not the hardware.

“CPU throttle is stuck at full tilt” meant that the CPU clock was stuck at just over 3 GHz. The lower clock p-states were never being used. Normally it runs all cores at 800 MHz until stressed. Then it increases core clocks as needed for as long as the system is no longer idling. This the normal behavior of “Cool 'N Quiet” from AMD.