No plasma panel after upgrade to Leap 42.1, no right click on desktop

Everything else looks normal, Alt-F2 can launch all applications including KDE and Plasma system settings, custom desktop shortcuts work, but no panel and no right click on the desktop.

Maybe something else is broken, too, I’ve just upgraded with zypper dup and rebooted, currently configuring old repositories, switching packages to Packman and Wine etc. I’m afraid to minimize my applications because I don’t know where they will go but Alt-Tab switching works.

I don’t have a dedicated video card here, it’s onboard Intel.

Plasmashell shows up in Ksysguard as running.

Try a different user to see if the problem is there also

Hmm, after another reboot panel and desktop came back by themselves so there’s no problem anymore, but I’ve changed display manager from kdm to sddm in Yast’s /etc/sysconfig and all packages to Packman, which could have helped with sound problems affecting plasma.

My bet: the kdm->sddm change.