No picture of the day, No splash screen downloads?

I just installed the LEAP 42. Many of the Desktop settings in 13.2 are missing in Leap 42.1. Does anyone know how to put back the following items: 1) Picture of the day from NASA on the desktop background? 2) Screen savers like ASCI Aquarium and all the other cool Open GLscreen savers? 3) The Ability to downloading new boot up splash screens like those available in 13.2? 4)The Ability to downloading new desktop wall paper like those available in 13.2?

I gave up on Leap 42, could not get dragon player or amarok to work and missed many of the features I used in 13.2. I wiped my drive and reinstalled 13.2. Please disregard the above questions. Hopefully they will fix these things on the next release.