no persistent logs for transactional server on leap

I have installed the Transactional Server pattern from the current Leap distribution media, for version 15.4, on a virtualized x86 target.

Presently, I am unable to find logs from previous boot sessions, illustrated as follows:

$ sudo journalctl --boot -1 -k
Specifying boot ID or boot offset has no effect, no persistent journal was found.

Does this message reflect a known problem with the TS flavor of openSUSE Leap?

What recommendations might be given for resolving a way to persist logs across boot sessions?

Have you tried

mkdir /var/log/journal

No. Is it not working out of the box considered a “feature”?

I m not going to continue this thread after this obvious flame bait.

For most Linux systems, it would work by default. I am new to this system, and have no way to know whether the difference is due to a design choice, a design flaw, or site corruption.

Further, I have no way to know why such a design would be chosen, if indeed it has been.

I feel these questions are reasonable, and am happy for clarification from any member of the community.

I am sorry you disapprove. Of course I respect your right to refrain from answering, if you feel you must.


This is a user to user forum. When users think they can help, they will try. When that help can be given because someone has had direct contact with the problem and thus can say “you will most probably be helped by doing this” that is very direct, short and fine. But many people here do not have intimate knowledge of each end every problem. Then they fall back to their bug searching capabilities (which many have improved over years of experience). And then they might suggest things. Not because that is the ultimate solution, but because it may improve insight in the circumstances around the problem.

You may then either cooperate with them by doing what was suggested and reporting back, or you may report back that for some reason you will not follow the suggestion. But not reporting and simply throwing back your jumped to conclusion that their trial to shed morel light points to something rotten in the openSUSE distribution will be counterproductive in several ways.

As you experienced.

I believe the only conclusion I reached is that you knew that creating the directory would be required to activate persistent journaling, based on an understanding of the system design.

Did you want me to write simply “yes” or “no”?

Yes, I see that the directory must exist for logs to be persisted. I have never had to create it manually, for any other Linux system from my experience.

It’s often the first time…