No password prompt after suspend or hibernate resume

42.3 with GNOME 3.20.3

When I hit the power button on my laptop to suspend it, upon restart it does not prompt me for a password, it just leaves me of where I was, does the same when set to hibernate - where/how do enable password at resume?

I’m not a Gnome user, but perhaps this post will be of help…(only you’ll want to do the opposite with the lock).

Not sure if this is the problem here, but GNOME’s screen locking only works with gdm as displaymanager.

See also the Leap 42.3 Release Notes:

3.4 No Screen Lock When Using GNOME Shell But Not GDM

When using GNOME Shell together with a login manager other than GDM, such as
SDDM or LightDM, the screen will not blank or lock. Additionally, switching
users without logging out is not possible.

To be able to lock the screen from GNOME Shell, enable GDM as your login

  1. Make sure that the package gdm is installed.
  1. Open YaST and from it, open /etc/sysconfig Manager.
  1. Navigate to Desktop › Display manager › DISPLAYMANAGER.
  1. In the text box, specify gdm. To save, click OK.
  1. Reboot.

Yep, that fixed it, needed to select GDM, thanks for the help!

Just an update to this, and for future reference - I upgraded to LEAP 15 and this issue is now fixed straight out of the box, Windows Key + L locks the system, and then hit any key and enter password to resume, works great.