no opertaing system after installing opensuse 11.0 on t42

I have installed opensuse 11.0 twice from LiveCD on my ibm t42 with no success. After each installation i have the message: no operating system. The first time I choosed the partitions myself since suse wants to keep winXP but I want a linux only machine so the partitions were like this:

hda1 1GB /swap (starting from cylinder 0)
hda2 11GB / (root more than 1024 cylinders)
hda3 25 GB /home

The system installs fine but i have no boot loader at the first startup, just the message no operating system. I reinstalled suse using the following partitions since i read a thread explaining that linux cannot boot if the root partition has more than 1024 cylinders, though i created the following partitions:

hda1 1GB /swap (same as previous)
hda2 70Mb /boot (partition for grub)
hda3 11GB / (root)
hda4 25 GB /home

I got the same error (no operating system). Am I missing something? How can I fix this thing and get grub loaded at system boot? Didnt suse rewrite the mbr during the installation? Please help!

In the partition setup, choose to install grub on the MBR.

If that does not work, using the live CD, use DD to destroy the hd partition.

Open a terminal and type,

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda

You will need root access.

Then install opensuse, the default partition setup should work.

Just use

/ (root)

install grub to MBR
double check this at this stage of install
click on the Booting section

check boot from MBR only

I will try to fix this affair according to your recommendations then I will post the result this evening. Thanks in advance!


Thank you guys! Problem solved when forcing to install grub on the MBR. However a message during the installation said grub installation encountered an error. I ignored this message and rebooted the machine and grub was working. Where can I retrieve the error message encountered during installation (just to check what was the error)?


YaST -> Miscellaneous -> System Log

The experience of the original poster matched mine to a “T”. This install was my second on this particular T60, the difference was that this time I had blown away the original partitions, which caused the NO OPERATING SYSTEM error message.

The solution suggested, to install the loader in the MBR, solved the problem. Once again, and I don’t think us n00bs say this often enough, “thank you” to the folks that take the time to write thoughtful and concise replies to our questions.

This is what makes the SuSE community so great. -devedge