No operating system

I downloaded a liveCD and installed it on my Lenovo R61. I get to the end where it instructs me to reboot from the hard disk and when I do the message "Booting from local disk…No operating system

Yes, I am trying to learn, but clearly have a long way to go.

The live disk install performs rather well. There is probably something wrong with CD-ROM media, or with the download data.

The thread:
sticky: NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation is quite useful.

My hunch is that the OS got installed, but that the boot (grub) option
you chose was NOT the one that writes the ‘mbr’.
So, the needed tweak is to run the ‘boot-repair’ option
on the DVD-kit (but I don’t remember exactly how to do that).

I am downloading the liveCD (Gnome) again. I don’t have a DVD burner.

I downloaded and burned a new liveCD. It went through the install process again and when I attempt to boot from the hard drive it says no operating system.

I’m at a loss.

I rather agree with cookdav

I would think the easiest way for you is just install again and when you get to this point:
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This is the install summary proposal: When you can, click on the text ‘Booting’

At the screen it produces, make sure ‘Boot from MBR’ is checked and not ‘Boot Partition’
accept/finish there

then you will be back to the proposal
now finish the install

That was the ticket. Once I checked MBR it booted like a champ.


Great. Happy it works for you now.

Any problems then come back to the forum.