No nynorsk translation?


I’m a nynorsk-user (nynorsk is a writing language which has official status, like bokmål, here in Norway) and I can’t find the nynorsk translation of OpenSUSE anywhere. Had to install the nynorsk spelling dictionary for Firefox from Mozilla’s site manually even though I have “Norwegian” selected in YAST’s language setting-thing. In the nynorsk dictionary isn’t installed either…

If you have bokmål you should include nynorsk as well. They have the same official status and about every distro I’ve tried had a nynorsk translation (maybe not that complete but at least they had some!).

sounds like a great way for the 7.5% of Norwegians who use nynorsk
<> to make a grand
contribution to open software, and SuSE by doing the translation…

of the several Linux User Groups in Norway <>
are any highly populated by nynorsk users??

just a thought,

I don’t know. Nynorsk has a poor reputation in Norway, especially in the more academic part where they write mostly riksmål.

I can live with only bokmål translation but to NOT include nynorsk dictionaries to Firefox and, that’s not good policy.

About the language communities, I have no idea. I’m not into any of them and I don’t want to either. :slight_smile: