No numlock in Kde log-in screen

I want to have numlock always on in the log-in screen, but I can’t get it to work - I always have to activate it manually.

I’ve tried out System Settings > Keyboard > Numlock > Turn on both as normal user and as root, but it simply doesn’t work :frowning:

I’m using openSuse 11.2 x64 w/ Kde 4.3.4 (updated from 4.3.1 w/ Kde repositories).

Try setting it in the BIOS.

A bit more info would be useful. Is this a PC or a laptop? What keyboard?

On my laptop I see the same phenomenon if the preselected keyboard is “Generic 104”. If I set it to “Asus laptop” all is OK.

Hope this helps you.

Already set in Bios.

It’s a Desktop PC w/ M$ Ergonomic 4000 keyboard.

Never thought a 16th century Daimyo would use SuSE. The more you learn.


Bah - a measly peasant compared to the Chrys, not a general at all :wink:

to get the numlock on in KDM I edit the kdmrc file in /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/

open it with a text editor (kate or Kwrite) with root permissions
and look for the lines…

# What to do with the Num Lock modifier for the time the greeter is running:
# "Off" - turn off
# "On" - turn on
# "Keep" - do not change the state
# Default is Keep

And edit the last line to


Works for me.


Thanks, I’ll try that out.

It did work indeed.