No NFS server in Yast


I wanted to set up my notebook (OpenSuSe 10.3) as a NFS server.

I modified the /etc/exports file and restarted the nfs service which shows me

Shutting down NFS client services: idmapd done
Starting NFS client services: sm-notify idmapd done

Othe the other hand I could not mount the NFS directory to the machine I wanted.

Then I had doubt that the “nfs server” is not running at all.

I Opened the “yast”. Here I do not find “NFS server” in the “Network Services” although the “NFS Client” is present there.

Could anybody suggest me what to do?

Take a look at NFS Server Missing from YaST? - openSUSE Forums

Not quite sure how you missed that one, it was directly beneath this post.
Don’t forget opening the firewall for NFS btw! Or did YaST automagically do that… can’t remember.