No Networkmanager Icon on Gnome 3.6 Panel

On 12.2 with Gnome 3.6., I don’t have a networkmanager icon in the panel. Presumably, that’s not something they’ve eliminated. How do I get it back?

You have two choices for network management. With the network manager in charge, you get the icon. If you use the regular method with ifup, you don’t see the icon. So one possibility is that you have the ifup method enabled. You can check this by going to the Network settings in yast. If the network manager is in charge you will get a warning on opening the settings and the icon should be there. If you don’t get the warning, look at the global options tab and see which option is selected. If traditional method is selected, then select user controlled and click OK, at which point finish up and the icon should be there. If you have user method selected but no icon, then you need to look for a different reason.