No network?

I have installed OpenSuse KDE 12.1 on my pc from the liveCD. In the live session the Networkmanager icon is displayed and the wired network connection is shown and active under system settings > network connections.
After the installation, the icon doesn’t show anymore and there is no network connection indicated under system settings > network connections. However, the wired network works just fine…

Ethernet card is a realtec card and the WLan (which isn’t being shown either) is a D-Link card.

Any thoughts?

Why do you bother when the network functions?

Your card is configured using the “traditional method with ifup”. That means you do not use Networkmanager and thus the end-user does not have a network applet. Your network is started during boot and not after the login of a end-user. This is normal for systems that have a fixed place like in a computer room, a desk or even a laptop where you onnly walk through your own house.

I do care for example in order to connect to the wifi. And because I want to know, why the network manager would be fully functional in the live session, but not after installation. Good enough reasons, may I get an answer now?

It is simple, the live CD is apparently created using Networkmanager (because it is very likely that it will be tested/used on all sorts of systems including “traveling” laptops.

During installation there was decided for the good old way of configuring either because you choose for it during installation (maybe by excepting the default that was offered), or because it saw the cabled network and thus decided that falling back to Networkmanager was not needed.

But when you want to configure different there is YaST > Network devices > Network configuration at your service.
In the Global tab you can change from ifup to Networkmanager.
And in one of the others you can select your network devices and configure those that are not configured (and change the configuration of the others) and you also configure there that e.g. the cabled devicee will come up (and the Wifi thus go down) when the cable is connected ((or other behaviour).

Dig around a bit there and ask here if you have problems or want more information.

Thanks Henk. I have to learn the “Suse” way. It’s the first time I am seriously using OpenSuse. So far I have used Mint & Ubuntu. Things do work a little different there. Yast seems to be the place to look for all kinds of admin tasks.

YaST is often one of the main things mentioned when one is asked for Pros on openSUSE.

Take some time to click through YaST’s possibilities. As long as you do not change things it is harmless (you can bail out at every window) and when time comes you will remember: “Ah, I think I saw something in YaST about this”.

There is off course the GUI YaST you will most probably use, but there is also an ncurses interface which is usable when you have no GUI available and there is a CLI also (handy in scripts).