No Network Manager icon in system tray

I just installed that latest KDE 4 Live CD version of 11.1 KDE4.2 x86-64,everything run smooth even with latest ATI 9.1 driver,just one thing : Network Manager not showing its icon in system tray,although I still can connect through my WiMAX connection.
Any solution? :slight_smile:

Hi. Same for me. I solved this putting kneworkmanager in autostart. In your home directory there is an hidden folder called .kde4. Inside it there is the Autostart folder. Simply put a link to kneworkmanager there and reboot

the name is knetwrokmanager? I found no network manager in my application menu… Mind teach me how to add this link?

NetworkManager for kde4 doesn’t have a systray app. It’s a Plasma Widget, which you add to a panel or the desktoop itself.

You should see a NetworkManager Widget on the list of widgets available.

Did you install knework manager? It is an applet not only a plasma widget. In fact it works for me linking it in the Autostart folder

U mean network manager for KDE3?
I browsed my software in Yast2,there is Network Manager installed.
How to link it to show the icon in system tray,mind to show me the step?

Hi. Sorry for the delay. So first let’be sure you have kdenetwork installed:
open a terminal and write which kdenetwork. The answer shoald be :
If not it means that it is not installed. In this case goto yast and install it. It belongs to kde3. Now when we are sure it is installed, goto the ‘start’ (k) button and from there choose system settings (i hope this is right, i’m using the italian version) , goto the advanced tab and choose autostart. Click on ‘add’. The application browser will show up. Write knetworkmanager and accept all. Be sure it is enabled and apply. Reboot. Knetworkmanager should load at login. Hope it helps

You can find Netwrok Manager on openSUSE 11.1 as under

Menu–> Application–>Systems–>DEsktop Applets–>Netwrok Manager

You can install KNetworkManager from here.

NetworkManager-kde-0.1r588481-1.4.i586 RPM