No network connection - fresh Tumbleweed install

Installed a fresh copy of Tumbleweed a few days ago and have no way to connect to the internet. I manually enabled NetworkManager and my wifi network is shown and connected, but it says “limited connectivity” and I cannot get online or update the system. I’ve also tried tethering my phone and connecting directly to the router via Ethernet cable but neither of those works any better. I also tried installing NetworkManager-wifi via USB (downloaded from my laptop) but since I have no network connection at all, YaST is not able to add the repos or complete the installation. Help please!

You say you have limited connectivity and then no connectivity. Recently, I got the limited connectivity warning and discovered my network password was missing after an update. When I discovered that, adding the password cured the problem.

You provided zero data. Show full protocol of doing

ip l
ip a
ip -4 r
ip -6 r
ping -n