No network after upgrading 13.2 to tumbleweed

For the first time, I installed Tumbleweed today as an upgrade from 13.2. I have yet to get used to - for example - the changes in the program starter, even after going back to the classical one.

But much worse, network doesn’t get activated. Yast sees an eth0 interface, with the correct settings for the standard gateway etc., but ifconfig only gives the lo interface. From the start up messages I guess wicked is activated, and Yast tells me that, too.

Any ideas how to get networking?

Regards, jehojakim


wicked status all 

I discovered two new network interfaces, which weren’t configured. I managed to configure them with Yast, with

wicked ifup all

got a working interface.

Are you sure you have two interfaces active? “lo” is just the loopback interface, it’s not a real one.