no network after hibernate 11.2

Just installed 11.2 (32bit)(again) and the same error happens as on the previous 11.2 install that the (cable)network cannot be found after a hibernate (to disk).
There is no problem after a fresh start. (the DVD checksum is correct)

Some other installation hickups (just for info)
Starting a direct installation from the DVD No mouse or keyboard connection (I had to reset and use the live session)
from the live session install. the partitions are re-mounted by Suse during installationsetup after I unmounted them to be formatted.
no other problems.

Give us some more info on the pc - notebook, desktop, wireless/cable network, etc.

…and are you using Networkmanager (or ifup/ifdown, or wicd) to manage connections and do any relevant error messages appear in dmesg?