no multimedia player functionality ... at all

hello all,
i have not been able to get any of the multimedia players to work (and by that i mean to play commercial, or any dvds)
kaffeine (3.5 and 4) just sit there with a black screen while the progress bar is moving along
mplayer, totem, vlc, xine-ui, gxine i do not even get started: they start to load and then collaps
i think i have installed all the necessary codecs and plugins, but it seems i am wrong somewhere … thanks, theo


first, try to play dvd from command line, like this:

$ mplayer dvd://

and post the result here.

second, i hope that by “all the necessary codecs” include w32codec.

libdvdcss needs to be installed to playback commercial DVDs.

Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

This site may be of some help.

One thing I also forgot to mention is that gstreamer lacks DVD menu support, so Totem and Kaffine, if compiled using gstreamer, won’t support DVD menus. MPlayer, xine, and VLC, should all support DVD menus.