No more keyboard or mouse configuration tool...? :/

I just upgraded (via backup and install) from 11.1 to 11.2. SaX2 was perfect for configuring my IBM SpaceSaver (Trackpoint) USB keyboard, and my Logitech Marble Mouse. Now that SaX2 doesn’t have the keyboard or mouse, eh… modules?, I don’t know how I can configure them the way I’d like.

What now? I’d rather not have to use the on-screen keyboard every time I start up openSUSE to turn off NumLock… Do I have to manually edit /etc/xorg.conf now?

You may or may not have a xorg.conf
By default there isn’t one in 11.2

But it is possible to run sax2 from the menu, which will create one, but it may even be that you still have one, depending how you ‘upgraded’.
And there are mouse and keyboard settings in the System Settings area.

I did a fresh install, and SaX2 now only has options for Monitor, Tablet, and Touchscreen.

When I previously used 11.1, I was able to use SaX2 to set the mouse model (I think it was TrackMan that I used?), set the top left button on my Marble Mouse to “Emulate scroll wheel with”, easily swap Ctrl and CapsLock, and choose my keyboard model, which allowed me to use Shift+ScrollLock/NumLock (SpaceSaver has these two keys as one) to turn off NumLock. This is required for typing, as the number pad is integrated into the keyboard like on netbooks and many notebooks. There isn’t a way to have NumLock disabled at startup, as far as I know.

System Settings lacks the ability to do any of this. It’s really very basic.

Guess I have no other option than to create the xorg.conf, read up, and configure things manually, eh?

Recent versions of X use HAL rules to determine how it should handle devices. It will still work the old way if xorg.conf file exists.

The default HAL policy files are stored under the directory /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy. However, if you want to customize anything or if you want to create more policy files, define them under /etc/hal/fdi/policy.

Sorry about this super late posting, I thought I had replied already. Guess I haven’t yet!

Okay, so, there is no xorg.conf after running sax2. If I create one myself, modeled after my old xorg.conf (basically I would just copy+paste the necessary sections), would that work?

If you run sax2 you should end up with a xorg.conf file - unless you didn’t actually configure anything.

No harm trying your old settings, you can always delete it