No More "Jem Report" or "Hacking OpenSUSE"

I found this on Jem’s Forum:

Q: "Open Suse 11.0 is due out in the morning. How long before you have a copy and have a review and hacking guide for it?:


Hopefully Novell will build all of the necessary repository information into the next release, and you won’t have to use a guide. I doubt that will happen, but I am sure that, as usual, the guide would become slimmer this release as the openSUSE project figures out how to make it easier to add the functionality that people really want to use.

Unfortunately** I will not be writing any more Hacking guides**. I’m totally retired from technology journalism. I’ve sold off Software in Review and Hardware in Review, and next on the auction block are The Jem Report and this forum, as soon as I can resolve the front page spacing issue on TJR.

emphasis added

I salute Jem for his past work, not just in “Hacking openSUSE”, but, in the entirety of his technical writing and reporting. I wish him success in his next endeavor. He will be missed.

Thanks for this info Snakedriver… And it is indeed a loss. He has made valuable additions with his work.

Wishing him good fortune.


Ditto. I needed TJR for Suse in the early days as a new beginner 2005/6. I was tearing my before I found it.

I can see it now…“The Swerdna Report” Hacking OpenSUSE 11.0 … :slight_smile:

It did cross my mind – but then I said to myself “just get over yourself will you”

Those were useful.

It was always one of the first things I went to when trying to get multimedia and DVD working.

Well right after the OpenSuse split as I used to never need DVD support when I would just run Suse Pro.

it made a great way for users to get used to the changes and getting multimedia onto the system.

thnks jem :frowning:
wishing you the best :slight_smile:

> thnks jem :frowning:

it is no longer required…all he told us how to do (and more) is now
on and/or automatic (if you add the packman repo)…