no more installation

somehow I damaged something in YAST, I cannot install anymore software, neither with yast, nor with rpm -i or similar.
Using yast I receive an error message: “Error while creating client module sw_single”. Found in other Forums that under SUSE10.3 YAST might have damaged itself, but no receipe how to fix, do I have to reinstall ?

Thanks for your help!

Does it also say “No such client module sw_single”?


I believe I have seen that somewhere in a log or some when in a console


Internal errors are infernal messages (as evil as Windows’ BSOD or Kernel Panics) and very impertinent to any user, since they are meaningless for us. I think that your rpm database is broken and this can easily be fixed.

As root you have to issue the following command:

rpmdb --rebuilddb

Changes are great that you get the ability to install or update your system back. If this isn’t the case, yast might got damaged or your internet connection is bananas.

Thank you Tom2K, tried it several times, no changes, YAST does not even come to the stage of looking up the repositories, the error message appears on the click ???