no madwifi wireless after updating kernel ( atheros ar5007)

I had everything wireless working in opensuse 11 using madwifi. The kernel version then was pae. Today I ran automatic updates and wireless was gone. Looks like kernel was also updated to pae. I know the madwifi drivers I had only works with my pae kernel. Is there a way of fixing the madwifi problem ?? I can’t find madwifi update for pae kernel.

How about compiling them by hand? I´d recommend you to use the latest release. - Trac


This is simply wrong, FOO-kmp- also work on

However, there are lots of suitable madwifi-kmp-packages for available via OBS.

Just make sure they are “AR5007”-capable (many of them contain ar5007 in the package name).

You can also try “madwifi-free” from “driver:/wireless”-Repo.