No longer able to access Google Calendar in KOrganizer

I am using KOrganizer (23.08.1) under Frameworks 5.110.0 and Qt 5.15.10. Recently I have been unable to access my Google Groupware calendar. Under past iterations of KOrganizer I had no problems with this. At the moment, I can choose Google Groupware in the add calendar menu, but the configure dialog does not appear nor am I sent to Google to permit Akonadi to access my Google account. The Google calendar does not appear in the calendar panel of the user interface, but it does appear in settings where it shows as ready but not configured. If I hit the modify option nothing happens. If I delete the calendar and then add it from the settings menu, it again appears in the settings list of calendars as unconfigured and I cannot access a configuration menu. If I try to add the Google calendar from the user interface nothing happens at all - no error message, nothing. As I’ve said before, this has worked in the past and I’m wondering if this is a new bug or if there is a fix.

Yes, I’m using KDE and Qt from the KDE repositories, but to go back to the stock 15.5 libraries and have everything work would probably involve a total reinstall unless someone has an easier way to do that. In any case, I’d like to fix the version I have because everything else runs great.


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Please, bounce this off the KDE Plasma Forum – <>.

  • You won’t need to be very lucky if, a KDE developer answers your post … :wink: :upside_down_face:

Issue confirmed here, same behaviors, same versions.