no login sound in gnome desktop opensuse 11.3

I have no loginsound in opensuse 11.3 gnome. and no sound on popup notifications in the right corner

I checked the soundlevels in “sound” no problems what i could see

the “sound” in yast trying to play test sound and that works.

youtube etc works.

“notification sound” works when updating system
and when attaching battery-charger to laptop works

and on “startup application” is still set to play sounds on login
What should be the next step to solve problem ?

first time using this os and i tried to solve and read on the forum but i still don’t find whats wrong

best regards alexander


I tested the GNOME environment in a 11.3 some weeks ago and I also noticed the same thing.

login sounds depends on the theme which we are using. Default theme don’t have login sound. If you want login sound download any nice theme and replace it by the one found in “/usr/share/sounds/freedesktop”. Its the location on my desktop. Please make sure you have corresponding .theme file when you replace those existing files

Found 2 files called


are these sounds supposed to play as a login and logout sound in the opensuse gnome 11.3

when I startup/shutdown my computer ?

best regards alexander

Is this a bug in 11.3 with no login sounds?

Any of you pros have a workaround for this? Thank you.

I see the service-login.oga in /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop however for some reason gnome does not.

Of course this is not a real big deal however having something broken is annoying.