No Login screen on boot (boots stright to the OS); also black screen symptom. How to solve?

Greetings. Any solution to the following problem is most appreciated. Any easy solution is enthusiastically appreciated. :slight_smile:

Problem. Upon boot on a dual boot machine OpenSUSE 15.2 Leap (64 bit) does not ask for a login. It boots straight to the OS. The boot seems slow.

Support/Background. This is a new install on a dual boot machine with two monitors. The only other symptom is an occasional black screen on both monitors (resolves in 1-4 seconds). The mouse pointer oddly still works in this case (black screen). I can force the black screen by logging out or locking the screen. The login screen is then presented; entering the password results in a black screen that does not resolve.

I’ve noticed no issues with Grub; Windows (the other OS) works as expected; checked users and it is set-up correctly; checked the kernel manager and read the associated help, it seems correct but I lack the background to made an informed judgement.

Research indicates a possible “kernel panic.” There are many solutions suggested depending upon the symptoms. Generally, using the previous kernel and then a reinstall of the current kernel seems to be the answer. However, since this is a new install it doesn’t appear I have a previous kernel available as recovery on boot . Assuming this is a good suggestion, might there be a way to pull the kernel from the install usb drive?

I’ve used Linux for the last couple of years. Coming to OpenSUSE from Mint 18.3; primarily for stability and the KDE desktop.

Thanks for the assistance.


Welcome to the openSUSE forums.

I do not understand this. As I see it, first the system is booted and after that the login screen is shown (except when autologin for a certain user is configured). So the sequence is: boot > login. Not the other way around as you explain it.

For autologin:

grep -i autologin /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager
cat /etc/sddm.conf
/usr/sbin/update-alternatives --display default-displaymanager

Thank you. This is what I needed. It was an autologin issue. It is now fixed. Best Regards, Jack Kirk

My apologies. I should have been more precise with my use of “boot.” Restated – I was expecting a login screen near the start of the OS, there was none. It was an autologin issue. I must have made a wrong choice during the install. It is now fixed. Thanks. --Jack Kirk

You are welcome.