No login/password

After i login with user “root” to install my wireless printer, i don’t get a login screen for my normal user.

So the system boots now without asking for a password. What could be the problem, and the solution

First never ever login to a GUI as root. You can inadvertently damage things.

Second it sounds like you have somehow set auto-login

Yast-Sysconfig-desktop- Dispalymanager-AutoLogin There should be no user set there.

Okay, i will look at it.

But when i must install my printer, i can’t get a connection with my normal user despite i gave my password for yast.

So how should i do that in that way else ?

Sounds like you do not have the proper printer driver installed on your system.
You can try to install the printer driver via ‘YAST->printer’ under your user account (so it is completely no necessary to do it via login GUI as the ‘root’.)

And you said

So the system boots now without asking for a password.

Do you mean you are now automatic login as the ‘root’ for each system boot?

All can be done from the command line as root no need to make a whole GUI which has many background processes root.

No as my own user,

But when i was my own user yast said there is no privilidge to look for the printer list.

Were you asked to promote the root password when launching the YAST?

Yes he asked for the root password

Sysconfig won’t start, i think the same as with the printer.

Not seen as root user ?

Now i have solved the problem. You pointed me to the good place.

I also fixed the problem with the scanner, with sane-airscan en installed the latest nvidia driver without any problem.

Tumbleweed works like a sunshine now