No LibreOffice offline-help & language packs in repository

It seems LibreOffice in the Leap 42.3 repository does not include the English-GB offline-help or language packs; is this correct? In fact the only supported language is apparently American english and there’s no offline-help.

The version of these packs corresponding to repository versions isn’t always available so they can be downloaded and installed separately.

Installing LibreOffice from the ODF website is fine but for one thing: the “KDE interface” program only seems to work for the repository version and, without that, the menus are very plain.

Is there any solution?

David L.

apparently it’s not and not only en-uk a lot of other languages are missing
you could open a bug report or use american english or get the en-uk rpm tarball from libreoffice and manually install it
they’ve packed the rpm inside a tar.gz archive
you’ll need to symlink the files from the libreoffice rpm as it installs in


and the opensuse build expects help to be in


if you really want the help files a bug report is your best bet

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve installed and previous versions from the ODF GB tarball without finding any problems with its’ default installation in /opt/libreoffice* (except the very plain menus caused by no libreoffice-kde4 package mentioned above). I’ll certainly submit a bug report.

David L.

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David L.

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I logged a bug report, resolved as follows.

“Anyway I’ve added some tweaks to the master build and this should be fixed by the libreoffice-6.1 and later variants.
Note, do not try it unless you don’t mind it crashing/etc it is currently at a beta2 version.”

David L.