No service in Amarok 2.4.3

Hi, I run Amarok 2.4.3 from KDR 4.7. I noticed that is not listed among the services. Nor is the usual “Like” icon displayed in the middle pane. And Amarok doesn’t scrobble.
I have liblastfm0 installed and I installed liblastfm (no “0”) from KDR yesterday, but that didn’t help. So these should all be from the same repo (can’t check right now as package kit is doing updates).

Any clue what I have to do to get the service back? I use openSUSE 11.4 and KDE 4.7 from the Release repo.

Ok, so does nobody else have this problem? I have a hard time believing that as all I did was upgrade from a repo.

I have two corrections to make: a) Amarok is not from KDR 4.7, but rather from KDE Updated Apps. b) I realized that for some reason, liblastfm and liblastfm0 refer to one and the same package.

Would be grateful for any help! :slight_smile:

have the same problem

I had the same problem as well. I’m running KDE 4.6 on opensuse 11.4. amarok-2.4.3 and liblastfm0-0.3.3 were installed using KDE Updated Apps. I didn’t see the service under “Internet” in amarok as others above reported. When I downgraded to amarok-2.4.0 and liblastfm0-0.3.0 from the OSS repository, the service came back with my login information preserved. service works in amarok from kde 4.7 repos

Alas, it does! Thanks for pointing this out.