No keyboard on OpenSuse 12.3 with Xen boot


I installed Xen server on openSuse 12.3 (x86_64), KDE 4.10.00
After installation grub started showing an option to boot into ‘OpenSuse 12.3 with Xen’.
When I choose this option, I can see the login prompt but keyboard & mouse stop responding.

When I choose the old boot option of ‘Opensuse 12.3’, it works fine.

I already searched through this forum could not solve the problem.
Please help.


Although this is related to a Xen kernel install, I wonder if this problem is more relevant to the Install Forum…

Have you tried at least booting to the rescue mode of the Xen kernel boot?
Also, depending on hardware resources it may just be taking a long time to boot, especially the first time. Within a second or two after selecting the Xen kernel and ENTER to continue booting, you should hit the ESC key (maybe several times). Don’t wait too long or as you describe your keyboard may become unresponsive. The idea is to display your boot progress and see if your system does freeze and if so what was the last boot task displayed.


Tried booting in rescue mode by adding

in the boot arguments. But, still same thing.

I do notice following message in the boot logs -

usb 1-1 Device not accepting address 2, error -110

But, doesn’t look like related to keyboard error.

Are you even displaying the Grub boot menu in graphical mode? Choosing the option to goot to rescue mode should not require typing the option.

Also, from what you’re describing it sounds like your hardware recognizes the keyboard early enough to accept input.

Again, unless you can identify the critical boot entries after the grub menu option is selected, you need to do the ESC procedure I described.