No kernel-desktop in TW?

Does anybody know why there no longer is a kernel-desktop in TW? See here:

Or am I blind?

Since snapshot 20151030 the “desktop” flavour has been dropped and now the “default” flavour is standard, as is with LEAP.
It was determined that the differences were too few to justify having two sets, so the “default” was tweaked to be more like the old “desktop”.
For details you have to search the “Factory” mailing list, I think.

Be careful upgrading, now every “desktop” kernels ypu may have in “multiversion” will be wiped by the new flavour.
Just “lock” the kernel in Yast (or zypper) if you want to keep your old “desktop” kernel.
Hope this helps.

Thank you. I did a “zypper dup” and hoped for the best. Machine works after reboot.