No KDE-plasma session available in SDDM login after upgrade to leap

after today’s upgrade I get the message “saved session type ‘kde-plasma’ is not valid anymore” whenever a user is is selected on the SDDM screen. No KDM session type is available clicking on the lower left wrench.

KDE is installed and the apps seem to work fine under XFCE. I can run kwin_x11 and plasmashell also under XFCE fine

In the SDDM kcmshell5 module both “kde plasma workspace” and Plasma 5 are listed as auto login options but it logins into XFCE

I also tried reinstalling the kde session and sddm packages

Not sure it matters but I do have the wolfie323 repo to allow me to use KDE 4 and 5

everything else after the upgrade seems to work so far


I’ll make a wild guess.

You have your system set to save your session on shutdown, and restore it when you next login.

The saved session is incompatible with the changes made by the software update.

Assuming that I am right, it is probably a bug that there isn’t an option to start a clear session.

I’m not sure where the session is saved, but it is probably in $HOME/.cache.

I suppose you could try:

cd  .cache
rm -rf *plasma*

which would delete everything with “plasma” as part of the name. I don’t think this destroys any important settings, but it would cause the next startup (of KDE) to be slower while it rebuilds the cache.

And remember that I am only guessing.

For myself, I’ll note that I have KDE configured to start from a manually saved session. So I can’t use my system to guess where you session might be saved. My saved session seems to be save in the file (relative to my home directory)


So maybe look in .config/sessions first. If you see something that looks like a KDE session, then try deleting that. And if that works, skip deleting the “.cache” files.

Hmm, just a moment.

Are you sure you are seeing “SDDM” and not “KDM”? The message suggests “KDM”, and your description fits.

Try deleting “.dmrc” from your home directory. You can do that logged in at XFCE or Icewm or at a virtual terminal (CTRL-ALT-F1). It is completely harmless to delete “.dmrc” (use “rm .dmrc”), assuming that it exists.

However, the message might be telling you that your KDE4 is now messed up and unusable. In that case, you will have to wait for wolfi to respond (or someone else who knows the details).

great call - clearing out the cache resolved the issue, I don’t currently use saved sessions

my bad when I wrote “KDM session type”, meant “KDE session type”

KDE 4 currently up and running but with some issues which I’ll create new thread(s) for, Wolfie does an amazing job with that


I spoke too soon the issue is back, need to figure out if it was caused by a sw upgrade (possibly switching of repos to get KDE 4 working) or the cache. note: XFCE working fine


Fixed (hopefully)

OK - in Yast sw mgr doing a “switch system packages” to the Wolfie323 repo fixed this, tested by rebooting and I automatically booted into my KDE 4 session and other users have the options to boot into Plasma 5 or KDE 4 and was able to boot into Plasma 5

By default, the repos have a priority of 99. Change the wolfie repo to have priority 98. Then it will always prefer packages from that repo when they exist in both places.

Usually, the packages from different repos have different names in the vendor field, which prevent getting mixed packages. But the last update probably added some new packages that you didn’t already have. And there, the priority setting can help.