No KDE login on Tumbleweed after update to kernel 6.5.3

After doing zypper dup and booting to the new kernel 6.5.3 I get the console login (no GUI). Booting with kernel 6.4.11 boot normaly, how can I found the problem?
Thanks in advance!

Intel Core i3-8100
MB: Gigabyte B360M D2V
Graphic card: Gigabyte Rtx 2060 6gb

[ 9.161812 T1587] nvidia-gpu 8080:81:88.3: 12c timeout error e8888888

Maybe nvidia?
It’s been years since I had any nvidia so I can’t tell you how to fix it. But start by checking your nvidia repo.

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FYI: 1215328 – Upgrade to kernel 6.5.2 => can't get to SDDM. Boot stops at prompt

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New Nvidia drivers are available in the openSUSE Nvidia repo which fix the problem.

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I will try updating, thanks!