no kde 4.3.2 on factory

Just noticed that the latest kde packages on factory (although dated today) still show as 4.3.1. Does this mean that for 11.2 kde will be locked as 4.3.1?

I doubt it. 4.3.2 is available here:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/43

KDE4.3.2 Release 6th Oct - openSUSE Forums

Does one need a QT repo with this? If so which one?

I’m not using any additional QT in 11.1
So unlikely.

But the question is if 11.2 will have 4.3.2 as part of OSS repo and not as part of some additional repo. That would be plain mad to not include it.

I fairly certain it’s going to be 4.3.1

But 4.3.2 is mainly a bugfix release.
Why do you think they would not include this in their 11.2 release?

They won’t, at least officially.

What will be done (with bugfixes), is this:

Backporting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New features won’t be backported (at least not very likely).

I guess KDE becomes fairly stable and i guess it wouldn’t bring more problems including this release than holding back the version to 4.3.1

They could at least allow it to be upgraded througout the life of 11.2 to 4.3.x versions

Then openSUSE would have to change its policy of the last years.

There will be no version upgrades for a released distribution, bugfixes are backported.

Which has always been the case through the inofficial KDE Repos.

I really don’t see the “problem”, at some point a development version is frozen, how many other software packages/groups will have new versions before the final release?

Hundreds maybe, if you are working with a stable release model (which is BTW exactly the same like in Debian or Ubuntu, a lot more), you have to freeze at some point, otherwise the release will never happen.

If you want regular “version upgrades” through officially supported Repos, openSUSE is the wrong distribution, switch to some “Rolling release” distro (Gentoo, Arch, Debian Sid or Sidux).

Hmmm, if bugfixes get backported then we essentially have 4.3.2 packages right ?? (since 4.3.2 was essentially a bug fix release).

Then we already have 4.3.2 packages but they are at version 4.3.1:D

As i understand new features are brought with major number changes like from 4.1 to 4.2 then 4.3 and not from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1

So next version that will bring some new features will be 4.4.x right?

Basically, Yes.

In that case if we want to have the latest 4.3.x packages we can keep to standard repo. But i wonder now, how different is it compiling the newer packages (as it is a bug fix release) from backporting the bug fixes :)??

I think you can be sure there will be lots of options open to us. Too many probably. What I do think is, that with 11.2 we’ll see less need for inexperienced users to venture in to the Build Service because kde4 should be solid enough (It seems that way now at least doesn’t it). I know we’ll still be in there looking for the latest features, but I hope to see less mess in users repo lists with 11.2.
As for Backports and the differences there, I’m not sure, (very little I would imagine). But I never use Backports, I always seem to get too many conflicts ith them.

Perhaps not completely, but your 4.3.1 is closer to 4.3.2 and was certainly closer to 4.3.2 before it got released as bugfixes can (and will) be included independently of the release cycles.

Quite a few maintainers for openSUSE KDE packages are also active maintainers/developers for KDE.

The KDE Repos are somehow also testing grounds for new releases and for bugfixes, now everybody can draw hers/his conclusions.