No joy with upgrade to leap 15 from keap 42.3

Well I’m back using 13.2 as my leap 43.2 to leap 15 has locked me out of using internet , Yast , and kdewallet

During the upgrade it responded that there were 5963 packages to upgrade and 681 packages to remove. after some time I got plenty of messages about python version conflict and version update unavailable but then it said upgrade completed successfully.

Upon reboot it came back with a whole new look but kinda expected that. It brought up the kwallet and activated my wifi internet connection, then it reported non of the update repos are resolvable. Next tried firefox which complained there is no server connection and to check firewall settings. Yast-firewall complains there is an unresolved issue and exits.

My wifi says it’s connected but now I think it is lying. If it was truely connected yast should be able to access and let me check for problems. Thinking next I will try zypher <check system health> to see if it can find anything

Any other suggestions would be helpful

A more definitive idea about the state of the internet connectivity for this machine would be useful.

Are you using NetworkManager or wicked? If not sure exmaine the output from the following command please

systemctl status network

Got an IP address assigned?

ip a

Default gateway?

ip route

Valid nameserver?

grep name /etc/resolv.conf

BTW, you could copy/paste the requested output to a text file and transfer to an internet-connected machine via a memory stick if necessary.

Try pinging a well known public IP address to see if you have internet connectivity eg


then by hostname…


If pinging by IP address works but not by name, you might try the following

sudo rm -f /etc/resolv.conf
sudo netconfig -f update

then check if name resolution is now working for you.

Sorry it took so long to get back. Yes the last option fixed the loss of internet. hostname file was corrupt /etc/resolv.conf just had mash of entries all starting 9999.99.9 netconfig update restored it.

Thanks for reporting back. :slight_smile: